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Ask a Gear Guide

Whether you have a simple question about one of our products, want an in-depth walk through of our Everyday Line or just want to chat through your packing set up, we have you covered with a one on one session with our expert Gear Guides. From the comfort of your own home over Zoom or in-person at our Flagship store location. We're here to answer all of your nerdy questions.

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Lenses in Backpack for Borrowlenses


PD Flagship is an official BorrowLenses pick-up location. Place an order on their site and pick up at our shop. Easy Peasy!

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Community Events

In addition to selling Peak Design products, our stores host regularly occurring events for the various overlapping communities that we serve. These events include but aren’t limited to: workshops, artist talks, portfolio reviews, concerts, comedy shows, and the occasional pet portrait session (true story).

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Picture of group at Peak Design's Community Events
Picture of images on the wall at 529


Come on in and basked in the awesomeness of our quaint 12 image gallery full of photos from photographers near and far. We rotate artists on the regular so be sure to see what's new and juicy.